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Fly Fishing Books Forever

Fly Fishing Books Forever offers rare and out of print books for the angler, fly tyer and collector.



The DVDs and the Reviews are In!

Oh, great - another Felt Soul hot spotting flick. First you destroy Baja, and now they'll be douche bags crowding every inch of Kamchatka. What's next, Nile Perch in Uganda? You guys ruin everything.

- Tom Bie - The Drake

Сметхерст это клоун!

- Bigfoot

This film gave me a super kundzha in my pants!

- El Guapo

Order your copy today, it's really good.

When you get your copy make sure to check out the two extra short films, especially the piece on One Percent for the Planet.


From Tar Sands to Tankers - The Battle to stop Enbridge

The Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal would build two parallel pipelines from Alberta's tar sands to BC's north coast. If approved, the pipelines would traverse the salmon-bearing Upper Fraser and Skeena watersheds, and would bring 225 oils tankers a year to BC's northern coastal waters.

Learn more at:

Think this project and pipeline is just a Canadian environmental disaster? Think again.

The Alberta tar sands project will also have a profound impact on the lower 48 states. Imperial Oil, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, has proposed building a high/wide corridor through some of the most pristine lands in Idaho and Montana to facilitate the shipment of equipment from Korea to be used in the tar sands project.

Imperial, which is 69.6 percent owned by ExxonMobil, has proposed to Montana that an initial round of 200 giant machines creep through the state almost daily and nightly for a year. Some of the machines weigh 334,000 pounds and measure 24 feet wide by 30 feet tall by 160 feet long.

LINK (Via:Grist)


BC Steelhead Movie

No strike indicators were used in the making of this movie...but we did have a helicopter.


Washington man reels in big fish on little fly rod

Take that PETA!

On July 23, the part-time gunsmith landed a particularly noteworthy Rufus rainbow weighing about 25 pounds and measuring 32 inches long and 24 inches in girth.

"He was down to five wraps on his backing and had to chase that fish," said Randy Hart, noting that Elton has a little two-seater plastic boat with an electric motor. "After 25 minutes, when he finally landed it, the live-well was too small."

The tool: a 0000-weight fly rod.

LINK (Via:The Missoulian)


Sept. Slab of the Month Entry: Atlantic

Willem "the mouthless wonder" presents to the Chum straight and clean goodness.