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Yup, we're at FRR

Half of the Chum squad is at Fly Fishing Retailer and we won't be reporting on any of the following.

The latest and greatest in wading pants.

The new SA Carpskin fly line.

The old high price fly rods re-branded to be new mid-price fly rods.

4 weight spey rods.

Anything to do with rubber soled wading shoes.... unless horseshit does not stick to them.

Glow in the dark Thingamabobbers....we'll get to those post show.

April Vokey sightings.

We'll be at the industry breakfast tomorrow morning and we've been promised a big announcement about the future of the show and three clips from The River Why Movie.

Stand by for launch.


Sept Slab of the Month Entry: Puget Sound Cutthroat

For those who have experienced it, fishing for cutthroat in Puget Sound rarely delivers in this fashion. 

This freak of nature was caught last week by an angler from Bend, OR while on a trip with chum brothers Emerald Water Anglers.  Taping wasn't conducted, but the eyeball indicates this fish inched its way well into the 20's.


Brown, bow, brown, bow

Bryan Huskey is more than just a skilled video dude.


Casting 4 a Cure Victor, ID event winner: Team Scandalous


The Casting 4 a Cure Victor tourny was a great success with Marc Crapo and Thad Robison from Team Scandalous taking the hardware.


Ephemeroptera (from the Greek ephemeros = "short-lived", pteron = "wing"

Mayfly invasion captured by Lornadoone.


Moldy Chum Tee Shirts Coming Soon


Heather Grey


The Chum is cranking out its second run of T's.  Help us out by voting on the left sidebar - pick the color you'd like to see.