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So smart, they're now using Facebook

Here's a snippet of a recent facebook chat I had with this highly educated fish.  Our trip starts today.  Report upon return...


May Slab of the Month: Lake Michigan Carp

SOTM worthy golden bone sent by Chummist Eric Corya.


Rivers of a Lost Coast: Film Review

Quick shot of Tom Skerritt and local buddy Dave McCoy of Emerald Waters Anglers.

Last week's Wild Steelhead Coalition's annual fundraiser delivered a pretty cool experience. Rivers of a Lost Coast's Justin Coupe and Palmer Taylor presented an amazing screening of the film, while the film's narrator, Tom Skerritt, kicked it off in classy fashion.


At the turn of the 20th Century, a handful of pioneers carried their fly rods into California’s remote north coast and gave birth to a culture that would revolutionize their sport. For a select few, steelhead fly fishing became an obsessive pursuit without compromise.

Leading the pack was the mythical, Bill Schaadt, an off-kilter angler famous for his ruthless pursuit to be ‘in the fish’. The new endeavor was ruled by a demanding, unspoken code, which made 'breaking in' almost as difficult as 'breaking out'.

By the early 1980s, the Golden State’s coastal fisheries found themselves caught in a spiraling decline. As California searched for its disappearing salmon and steelhead, these men foraged for their souls.

Chum Take

This one doesn't follow the "extreme fishing" approach that many recent films have taken. Nor does it posses the uniquely wacky storyline of Hustle and Fish. Rivers of a Lost coast is different. And, it pretty much left us floored.

Justin and Palmer are talented film makers and it was clear they poured their soul into this one.  With a Ken Burns - like approach, the film was more of a documentary that tells a powerful story that mixes human interest with conservation.  Hitting a homerun with this type of film isn't easy and with some top notch editing, the boys really pulled it off here.

Rivers of a Lost Coast tells two stories:

1) The rise and fall of  Northern California's world-class salmon and steelhead fishery - they break it down in easy to digest fashion.  It's a historic story that would capture the attention of the most focused conservationist just as easily as it would a disinterested teenager.

2) An epic 1940-1990 angling rivalry - Bill Schaadt and Ted Lindner were arguably two of the most successful and dedicated anglers fly fishing had ever produced. With origins tied to the golden years of California’s Russian River, these close friends would eventually become bitter enemies.

Chum says - two fins way up. 

For more information, visit


Scientist discovers beavers building prime salmon habitat in Skagit Delta

A interesting story on tidal beavers, their vanishing habitat, and their role in building predation refuges for juvenile salmon.

As sometimes happens with science, Greg Hood went looking for one thing, and found something else: Tidal beavers.

LINK (Via: The Seattle Times)


May Slab of the Month: Chubut Province, Argentina Brown Trout

Justin Witt with a straight Argentina brown trout.


The Creek

THE CREEK from bryan huskey on Vimeo.

Yet another sweet vid - this time sent to us by Idaho's Bryan Huskey.  What was once a desert, today's influx of fly fishing film entertainment continues to grow. 

Looking forward to part II of this production!