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Vintage Fly Fishing - Barry Moser Wood Engravings

Paul Macleans fishing hat.

Neil Burn's (AKA Buster) can of worms.

These engravings appeared in the 1989 edition of A River Runs Through It which was designed and illustrated by renowned artist and printmaker Barry Moser.

LINK (Via:The University of Chicago Press)


Columbia River estuary salmon going to the birds

Some pretty staggering juvenile salmon predation numbers due to the growing double crested cormorant and Caspian tern populations on East Sand Island on the Columbia River.

East Sand Island holds the largest double-crested cormorant colony in western North America, consisting of about 12,087 breeding pairs. Researchers estimate that the cormorants nesting at East Sand last year consumed about 11.1 million juvenile salmonids in 2009, most of which were subyearling chinook salmon.

The Caspian tern colony, one of the largest in the world, consumed an estimated 6.4 million juvenile salmoind in 2009.

If you combine the 2009 juvenile salmon losses between cormorants and terns it represents 15% of Columbia estuary juvenile salmon.

LINK (Via:The Columbia Basin Journal)


Why Fish?

Had a wonderful day on the Sound last week fishing for Sea Runs with Sam Snyder, Teeg Stouffer, Dylan Rose and Jason Rolfe. Despite the gale force winds we managed to find some sheltered coves and some of us even managed to catch a few fish.

Beyond just a great day on the water Sam was left pondering the fish, the fishing, and the words of Roderick Haig-Brown, who loved fishing for coastal cutts as much as he loved fishing for steelhead or salmon.

LINK  (Via:Headwaters)


Respect our Hatchery Steelhead

Wait, what?

LINK (Via: Fishing with Jay)


Looking for something new for your fly fishing photos and video?


The Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D is a 10 megapixel camera that can capture, preview 3D on screen and (via a Fujifilm facility) print digital photos in a 3D format.

It also takes 640×480 pixel resolution full 3D effect movies.

LINK (Via: Digital Photography School)

And you don’t have to wear anaglyph (red/blue-green) or polarised spectacles to view the 3D effect.


A new way to get across the river