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The Fish Schtick Podcast Episode 35 - Anders Halverson

Anders Halverson joined us on the latest episode of The Fish Schtick. He’s the author of “An Entirely Synthetic Fish: How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World.” Anders is an award-winning journalist with a Ph.D. in ecology from Yale University. With support from the National Science Foundation, he wrote this book as a research associate at the University of Colorado’s Center of the American West.

Here’s what James Prosek had to say about An Entirely Synthetic Fish:

It's a fascinating story of man’s urge to cultivate and disseminate a beautiful coldwater fish—at times to the detriment of native species but also the joy of anglers who would not otherwise have the opportunity to catch a trout. A gripping blend of early American history, discussions on taxonomy, and questions of how best to preserve wildness and the indigenous in a world where the human relationship to Nature is complex and always changing.

A big thanks goes out to Dr. Sam Snyder for getting us connected with Anders.

It was a really interesting show!

LINK (Via Mauro Media)


Bonefish and Tarpon Harvest Reopens April 1

The temporary Florida closure of recreational harvest of bonefish and tarpon is set to expire shortly.

Caveat from the FWC:

Even though the FWC is again allowing the harvest of bonefish and tarpon, the agency encourages anglers to enjoy catching and releasing these important Florida game fish species and to handle and release these fish carefully to help ensure their survival.


They should both be declared gamefish and protected from any recreational harvest.


Poachers armed with gill nets threaten endangered steelhead

Due to a lack of enforcement manpower State Department Fish and Game Wardens have resorted to the cunning use of signs.

It goes on all the time. Virtually every drainage in the county, we have found gill nets in," said the local supervising warden Don Kelly, who has worked on and off in the area since the early '80s.

LINK  (Via:The Santa Cruz Sentinel)


New Zealand Mud Snails Infect Santa Monica Mountain Watersheds

Photo: Brian Vander Brug / Los Angeles Times

Ironically it's the efforts to restore those same creeks that likely led to the rapidly spreading infestation.

New Zealand have taken over four watersheds in the Santa Monica Mountains and are spreading fast, expanding from the first confirmed sample in Medea Creek in Agoura Hills to nearly 30 other stream sites in four years.

LINK (Via:The LA Times)


March Slab of the Month Entry: Florida Keys Permit

Good friend (and even better guide) Garrett Munson did everything BUT  Munson this nice permit.

He was put on this trash can lid by fellow guide bud Kevin Guerin.


Ruth Wallis - Freddie the Fisherman's Son

Ruth Wallis began her career singing jazz and cabaret standards, but gained fame in the 1940s and 1950s for her risqué, satirical songs.