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Same Fish In Queens Petshop For 41 Years

When I walked around the block to go to the (excellent) Alfie’s Pizzeria, Louie, Alfie’s son, said, “That fish! That fuckin’ fish! Is that fuckin’ fish unbelievable or what

LINK (Via: The Gothamist)


Another stellar Cape Cod day

Still no signs of Fat Albert but we lit up the stripers again today.


Confessions of a Fly Shop Manager

A jaded fly shop employee's final requests to customers.

LINK (Via: Primal Fly Fishing)


Chasing Silverman

Moldy Chum addict, Brett Colvin sent us a couple of very cool tarpon photos from a Mexico trip  last week.  More cool Colvin stuff can be found at Fly to Water.

The scales shot is sick.

Air Tarpon

Tarpon Emergence

Tarpon Head

Tarpon Scales


Kenai River Fly Fishing....

....Or how to use every transition option in your film editing software in only 19 seconds.


The bar fly chicks crashed our Cape Cahhhd striper party

Today it was all about bluefish including some with large shoulders. This 7 pounder made it to the grip despite being hooked on 15 pound mono...... no wire required.

If you've never had the pleasure of catching yellow eyed demons on the fly, Brody Quint's piece in the premier issue of The Flyfish Journal is a must read...goalie mask optional.

A few, including the one pictured above, ended up as Montauk Burgers.

Top with tomato, lettuce, red onion and tartar sauce.