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Yeeeesssss! That just F'in happened!

Whodathunk at Rocky Ford...


Ode to Mr. Chum

Photo: Tom Larimer

Mr. Chum deserves more!

LINK (Via: Deneki Outdoors)


10 Wicked Things You Missed @ Outdoor Retailer: #9, Stainless Steel Keg Cups

Two epic lines wound around the Patagonia booth for the giveaway, with a $5 donation going to Yvon's cause du jour. All for a relatively simple thing: stainless steel keg cups, tagged with the phrase of "Ditch Single Use Plastic & Protect Habitat for All Species."

The things were clearly the red hot shwag of the show, as texts and phone calls were being made from the line ("yes, the Patagonia booth, NOW")

LINK (Via: Wicked Outdoorsy)

Outdoor Retailer goes through 14,000 disposable cups over the course of 4 days. Patagonia sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 of the reusable stainless cups.

We still believe the fly trade made a strategic error not opting to join the Outdoor Retailer show while they had the chance, this year's OR Show was on fuego.


Fish Schtick Episode 76 – Frank Smethurst

Frank Smethurst is probably most famous for being the guy sprinting down the beaches of Baja with a fly rod in the Felt Soul movie “Running Down the Man.” Frank also appears in Felt Soul's latest offering Eastern Rises, has hosted Trout Unlimited’s TV Show, “On the Rise,” guided on epic waters and works as a fly fishing sales rep in the Rocky Mountains. Stuff like that creates the fodder for some good stories, so we asked him to share a few with us on the Fish Schtick.

Download MP3 version HERE

The Fish Schtick is presented by Fishhound, the world’s largest provider of real-time fishing reports.


Round 2 of blog links we've negelected to post

The Freshwater Fly - Fly fishing lifestyle and kayak angling in the Great Lakes State of Michigan.

Trouterspace - Dedicated to the love of fly fishing.

The Fly Shutter -  iPhone meets fly fishing, just one of a host of Tumblr sites that are popping up.

Proven Patterns - Flies and fly tying instruction.


Geofish Trailer

We got a sneak peek of this clip last week at the Outdoor Retailer show along with a bruised liver on the Provo.

Photos: Chris BLOWens