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Blast Off Tip Up

An ice fishing sledge with a rattle reel, a super-sketchy homebrew detonator and a launch pad. When a fish bites, the bottle rocket launches.


Thurston! Be a good man and fetch my kilt

The must have accessory for the next Bushwood Country Club social.  

Rosenbauer, we double dare you to wear one of these bad boys on your next photo shoot.


Friday Pin Up: Bruna Schmitz Editon


Feb Slab of the Month Entry: Rio Grande, Grande

Nice sunset.  The feesh ain't bad either - Lucas Thomson's smirk is proof.


FIBFest part deux

Deneki Outdoors is hosting the second annual Fishing Industry Blogger Fest at Andros South next month. We've kicked ourselves almost daily since missing the opportunity last year and missing it a second time would be less than smart. And considering our behavior at the film tour earlier this week, it's best we start making smarter decisions.

In the meantime, I'm going to have to start boning up.  It's been a while since I tangoed with the flats - been even longer since I've had a Kalik.

More on this session throughout the weeks leading up to the event.


A Steelhead Family

What if fishing was so important that you would change your life to pursue it? You would focus your entire life around it and raise your family to appreciate every aspects of the sport for themselves. “A Steelhead Family” walks you through a few days in the lives of the Clay family (Bob, Jed, Kaili, Kathy & Kateri), who have done just that. Headed by bamboo rod builder Bob Clay, this accomplished steelheading family makes the sport of spey casting look easy while illustrating the importance of the survival of these great fish in BC, Canada. A true fishing family in one of the last wild Steelheading strongholds left on earth.

Created, edit, directed and produced by: Andrew Hardingham - Ubiquitous water Media