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Affleck and Damon to star in remake of A River Runs Through It!

Photo courtesy of Searchlight Films

Hoping to capture the chemistry that won them both Oscars for their film, Good Will Hunting, Variety Magazine is reporting that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will be starring in a remake of A River Runs Through It. According to Variety, the film will be directed by Academy Award Winning Director Robert Zemekis of Forest Gump fame and has already begun preliminary shooting.

Affleck, who picked up fly fishing on the set of his wife's film Catch and Release, will play the role of Norman Maclean and Damon will star as Norman's troubled younger brother Paul. Craig Schiffer, who played Norman in the original film, has agreed to play the part of the Reverend John Maclean and Tom Skerrit will have a cameo role as the elder Maclean. Rounding out the cast are Jessica Alba as Jesse Burns, Don Draper from Mad Men as Jesse's lovable brother Neil, and Cyndi, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Lauper will play Neil's bar fly babe Rawhide. 

LINK (Via:Variety)


Comic Chum - Archie and Friends Edition


A Response to the Classical Angler

The Chicago Troutbum's William Parke has posted a respone to The Classical Angler's, The Sport of Gravel Raping which we fired up a link to last week.

Talk amongst yourselves.



R.I.P. - Utah Stream Access

A tip of the hat to all of you who made their voices heard regarding this flawed piece of legislation.
From Bryan Gregson at the Utah Water Guardians.
Subject: Gov will sign HB-141
Yesterday, we learned of the Gov's decision to sign HB141 today. Recognizing it's flaws he will ask the AG to not interfere with any injunctions. Outside of the issue, which has personal ramifications, the Governor support for a flawed process, closed door politics and for a bill that will eventually cost tax payers time and money, shows a glaring lack of leadership at a time when we can ill afford such.

Its a shady blow I think most of us saw coming... it just sucks to know your going to get punched in the face, and you got to just "take it" like a fisherman. Small defeat, but the long term will be an overall victory.

FISHERMEN AND FISHERWOMEN --->THANK YOU ALL!! Locals and non-residents alike!! In the end, we are all fishers, thanks for banding together and fighting along side us.


Here's an interesting tidbit from the post mortem in yesterday's Salt Lake Trbune.
Governor Herbert's sister and brother-in-law, Connie and Steve Ault, own about a mile-and-a-half stretch of the lower Provo River, some of the premier fishing waters in the country, and were actively involved in lobbying the Legislature to pass HB141.

April Slab of the Month Entry: Phat Brown

This'll likely get wrath from the fish handling police, but it's a slabworthy submission from Chum junkie Robert Knapp nonetheless. 


March Slab of the Month Entry - Bow River Bull

Photo: Becky Champion

Earl Takahashi closes out the Chum March slab madness with this big bull taken on the Bow near Canmore.....ole!