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Sometimes the shadow cast is not very useful


"The best outdoor film I've seen in a while" 

Kelly Cordes, Patagonia Alpine Climbing Ambassador and Senior Editor at the American Alpine Club, just caught Eastern Rises at the opening night of the Adventure Film Festival in Boulder.

It’s about fly fishing. Huh? I’ve never fly fished and, honestly, I never really “got it.” I know there must be something there, though, because even if it makes as much sense to me as drinking margaritas in Russia, people love it, obsess over it like I do with climbing, and friends do with skiing and surfing. Tons of people at Patagonia go nuts for it. Cool. But still, I didn’t really understand the allure. Until last night. [Photo: Felt Soul Media]

The rest of Kelly's review with bonus Marg recipe.

Some pretty serious props from a guy who does this for a living.

I forwarded the Cordes link on to Travis and Ben at Felt Soul and Travis replied saying he had gotten a similar response from one of The North Face climbing ambassadors. When a film can inspire a couple of non-angling uber outdoor athletes to publicly talk about how they never thought fishing could be cool, the industry might want to sit up and take notice. Maybe that Outdoor Retailer strategy some of us were pushing wasn't such a bad idea after all? Instead of patting ourselves on the back for stuffing Oprah and her friend Gayle into a pair of "wading jeans", what we should be doing is coming up with a media strategy to put the soul of our sport in front of outdoor enthusisats who never considered that fishing could be cool. 

To quote another another non angling friend who is well connected in the adventure biz:

Watched the film over the weekend – loved it. I always find it interesting to see how the genetic coding of the adventure seeking soul is the same from sport to sport and passion to passion. The girl riding spines outside of Valdez, the guy picking the plumb line off of a peak in the Karakorum, or the fella hooking a 20lb rainbow in the end of the world are all pretty much feeding the same beast through different means.


Fish Schtick Episode 53 – Fish and Adventure Podcast Spectacular

The holidays are coming, which means travel time for most of us. And travel time is a GREAT time to load up you iPod or MP3 player with a bunch of your favorite shows. We wanted to share some of OUR favorite podcasts with you, so on today’s show, four hosts from four of our favorite podcasts!

We’ve got Zach Matthews from the Itinerant Angler. Zach is also the Southeast Field Editor for Fly Fisherman magazine, and he’s a regular contributor to American Angler magazine. You’ve seen his stuff in Fly Rod & Reel, The Drake and a bunch of others.

Fitz Cahall is the man behind the Dirtbag Diaries which isn’t as much a fishing podcast as it is an adventure podcast. A lot of the stories are about people who climb mountains or strike out on international adventures. His stories are as much about the adventurers as the adventures, and they’re really, really good.

Tom Rosenbauer hosts the Orvis Fly Fishing Podcasts. Tom’s name is synonymous with fly fishing culture as we know it, he has been with the Orvis Company for over 30 years. He’s been a fishing school instructor, copywriter, public relations director, merchandise manager, and was editor of The Orvis News for 10 years. He is currently Marketing Director for Orvis Rod and Tackle.

Rick Coffman is a fly angler from the Ozarks. His career has found him behind the microphone at radio stations in Springfield, Missouri, tons of different live venues, and now in a monthly podcast called Liv2FlyFish Radio. His guests tend to center on the White River drainage – some of the best big-trout waters in the country, maybe the world.


You can listen to the entire episode at Mauro Media where you will also find a link if you care to download the show off iTunes.

The Fish Schtick is sponsored by Green Tackle, providing environmentally responsible fishing products to anglers of all skill levels.


Nov Slab of the Month Entry: Kwaal Rongrong

Trapper Rudd with a handsome Kwaal Rongrong.  What is it?  I guess we'd call it a big ass Yellow Snapper.

Here's some background of the exotic shite Trapper gets involved in:


Oprah announces fly fishing is one of her favorite things


Moose in rut season + a French Canadian + a 12 pack of Labatts = this