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Sept. Slab of the Month Entry: Black Drum

Here's another case of "I couldn't said better myself."


Chesapeake Bay Black Drum caught on an 11 weight fly rod. Fish was 92 pounds and landed in 45 minutes caught on a black half and half on the rocks. 1 of 2 fish landed that day and biggest I believe ever caught on a fly in the Bay. Leader was 6 feet of 40lb fluorocarbon so not in contention for IGFA record books. Thought you might like this as a slab of the month!

Caught by Colby Trow owner of Mossy Creek Fly Fishing shop in Harrisonburg, VA in August on the Chesapeake Bay. Also pictured Colby Trow's girlfriend Jessica Tomey.

Colby Trow
Mossy Creek Fly Fishing
1790-92 E. Market St
Harrisonburg, Va  22801


Red Truck Fly Rods 

Tucked in this video of some familiar friends and faces fishing the Eastern Sierras are some glimpses of the new line of Red Truck high performance fly rods from Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters. The new RT line is priced at $199, $299 and $399 with features and performance usually found at higher price points and also includes both spey and switch models.

The mechanics over at Red Truck are so confident in the performance of their new rods that if you purchase one it will become your favorite stick. If you don’t feel confident that it is, then they don’t want you to feel you have to fish it. If your Red Truck rod is not your favorite, send it back.

You can be sure there will be more news and reviews to come on the new Red Truck rods, in the meantime fire up the video then check out the new rods here.


Inception Runs Through It


How much wood would a catfish eat if a catfish could eat wood?

Wait, what?

A new species of armored, Amazonian catfish that eats wood from fallen logs.

LINK (Via: Cool Green Science - The Conservation Blog of the Nature Conservacy)


Fish Schtick Episodes 44 and 45

The Schtick has been on summer hiatus but we managed to record a couple of shows recently with a couple of guests who are really great story tellers. We expect to be back on our weekly schedule mid September and have some great new guests lined up so stay tuned.

Episode 44 - Fish Artist Curt Redden

Curt Redden lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and loves fishing, art, and promoting catch & release for trophy fish. It was a natural combination to produce a gallery of beautiful fish art and to give anglers who wanted to hang a trophy on the wall an opportunity to do it through original painted art. Curt is involved with conservation, fishing and art in a handful of different ways – and he’s had time in the media, too.


Episode 45 - Darren Gallaher

Darren Gallaher is a friend from Chattanooga, Tennessee, or pretty close to there. He’s been fishing competitively since he was just a little kid, kind of a bass prodigy. As an adult he guides and fishes competitively, he’s a spokesperson for a number of brands like Berkley and Bass Pro Shops, and has even held a tournament director title. But the reason we wanted to have him on the show more than anything is that he’s a great guy who loves to fish and has a million good stories. Plus we just like the way he talks.



A Fish Called Shrek?

Scuba divers discover an unusual Asian sheepshead wrasse off the coast of Japan that they are calling 'Shrek' because its face resembles the animated character.

Looks more like John Merrick than it does Shrek.

LINK (Via: THe Huffington Post)