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Good Chowdah Bobby

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Some highlights from striper fest 2010.


Vintage Chum - Fish Postcards


Alex Williams Fish Art

Some super trippy fish art from artist and surfer Alex Williams.

LINK (Via: Fishing Fury)


‘Reckless’ Watercrats Endanger Delaware Trout

For Immediate Release Sept. 28, 2010
For more information:
Dan Plummer, FUDR chairman
(607) 363-7848
2010 Crisis Alert No. 4:

‘Reckless’ Watercrats Endanger Delaware Trout As West Branch Flow Is Cut 90 Percent Overnight

As the critical brown trout spawning season arrives on the upper Delaware River, the government water bureaucracy throttled back the flow out of Cannonsville Reservoir by 90 percent this week-a reckless and irrational act. “It is incomprehensible how the authorities charged with the stewardship of this famous fishery and its magnificent environment could be so reckless,” says Al Caucci, vice president of Friends of the Upper Delaware River, a nonprofit environmental conservation group. “Under current conditions, more than 50 miles of prime wild trout water on the West Branch and main stem Delaware, from Deposit to Callicoon, N.Y., is in serious jeopardy.”

Water releases from Cannonsville were cut from 1,100 cubic feet per second to 115 cfs overnight Sunday. Within hours, gravel beds were exposed downstream. 

LINK (Via: Dwyer's Fly Fishing and Fly Tying)

Friends of the Upper Delaware River has images of the impact of the dramatically reduced flow.

The Delaware River Basin Commission is the group that manages the flow. You can contact them @  to express your concern at this blatant disregard for the health of the fishery and the associated businesses.


Fish Schtick Episode 46 - Tim Pommer from Scientific Anglers

In this week's episode of the Schtick, angling scientist" Tim Pommer from Scientific Anglers shares the latest in new product developments from SA. Tim also gives us a peek behind the fly line development curtain and also explains the Minnesota version of a "Ghetto Tramp."

LINK (Via: Mauro Media)


Dead Men Tell No Tales - The Mysterious Death of Edmund W. Davis on the Grand Cascapedia River

Edmund W. Davis was one of the founding members of the Cascapedia Club and the author of Salmon Fishing on the  Grand Cascapedia. In 1908 Davis was killed by a gunshot wound at his camp while hunting in the area and considerable mystery has surrounded the circumstance of his death for the past one hundred years.

A gun shot was fired on the morning of June 19, 1908. The sound must have disturbed the tranquil stillness of a morning on the Cascapedia River. Within moments, the lifeless body of Edmund W. Davis lay slumped in a large oak rocking chair on the front porch of Red Camp. This tragedy ended the life of one of the infamous salmon anglers of the world famous Grand Cascapedia River.

LINK (Via: Gaspesian Heritage Web Magazine)

“Such a beautiful country is not an accident. God must have created this wonderful wilderness, where all is happiness, all is peace.”

- Fishing on the Grand Cascapedia by Edmund W. Davis (1904)