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Vintage Chum

In 1975 gas was $0.57 a gallon, a dozen eggs $.077 and an all inclusive three day Orvis fly fishing school?



But in the end the monster's heart collapsed and imploded

Grist Magazine's Erik Hoffner interviews Davd James Duncan regarding The Heart of the Monster, the book he wrote along with Rick Bass in response to the megaload issue.

What is it about "the haul" that most concerns you?

This mega-industrial tentacle, benefiting almost no one but Big Oil, would potentially connect the Alberta Tar Sands -- the largest single greenhouse gas-spewing project in world history -- to the industrial nations of the Pacific Rim (Korea, Vietnam, China, etc.). It would do so via some of the most beautiful highways, tortuous mountain passes, protected wildernesses, green and recreational economies, and stunning wild and scenic rivers in the world. It would cross the lands of three sovereign Indian tribes against the will of those tribes. It would further endanger the Interior West's salmon. It would disgrace the Nez Perce "trail of tears" -- the path Chief Joseph and his people took, leading to the slaughter at the Big Hole Battlefield. And if the tar sands are fully developed, says NASA climatologist James Hansen, climate chaos will be virtually unavoidable. All this for the benefit of Big Oil.

LINK (Via: Grist)

Duncan and Rick Bass will also be part of a call on Tuesday, March 1 at 5:00 pm MST to discuss "the haul," the tar sands, and the grassroots opposition. Folks are invited to join and ask them their own questions about this issue.

All Against the Haul is leading the fight against these big oil megaloads.


Freeride Fish


The Art of Bob Witzel

Trout River is a series of watercolors Bob Witzel has painted of classic trout rivers in North America. These images were painted on location during travels between 1959 and 1991.


Witzel's work is not just limited to freshwater.


Is this the world’s most expensive reel?

The most expensive fishing reel in the world will be offered for sale next month during an auction of the finest collection of antique tackle ever to grace the sport.

LINK (Via: Angling Times)


Under the Waves