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Salmon Zen

Monte Burke writes in Forbes about fishing with some well known friends for Atlantic Salmon in Quebec.

After a feast of local lobster on our first night at Salmon Lodge, Yvon Chouinard, the 72-year-old founder of Patagonia sportswear, tells us about his first pursuit--blacksmithing. We are five friends, all a long way from home here on Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula, and we're fishing for Atlantic salmon, two circumstances that tend to induce patient, drawn-out dinner table conversations.


Kaufmann's to file for Chapter 7 

Lance Kaufmann, owner of Kaufmann's Streamborn, plans to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection for his 42-year-old fly fishing outfitter next week, according to the company's lawyer. 

LINK (Via:Oregon Live)


Dicks of the week

Two Oregon men are facing environmental charges after federal prosecutors accused them of diverting Gales Creek and harming threatened steelhead.



Luke Kavajecz Photography

Luke Kavajecz is a photographer located on the far western edge of Lake Superior. He is inspired by fly fishing, water, and many other forms of nature. 


Strong Current is his blog.


Knicks are the first to go fishing

GO Celts!

Via: Addicted 2 The Game


Kettle River tops BC’s Most Endangered Rivers List for 2011


This is the 19th year the the Outdoor Recreation Council of Britsh Columbia has published B.C.'s Most Endangered Rivers report.

For the second year in a row the Kettle River was identified as the number one most threatened river due to new water extraction proposals near its source. The river is already suffering from excessive water withdrawals, so unless greater measures are taken this river may never recover, foreshadowing what many other streams in the region will face with continuing climate change.

BC’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2011

1. Kettle River (water extraction, development)
2. “Sacred Headwaters” of Skeena, Nass and Stikine (coalbed methane)
3. Peace River (hydro-electric dam proposal)  
4. Fraser River, “Heart of the Fraser”(urbanization, industrial development, habitat loss)
5. Kokish River (IPP proposal)
6. Morice (pipeline proposal)
7. Taku River (mining development, road proposal, leachate concerns)
8. Similkameen River (cross border dam proposal)  
9. Elk River (development, increasing selenium levels, wildlife migration issues)  
10. Coquitlam River (excessive sedimentation, urbanization)
11. Bute Inlet Rivers (IPP proposal)
12. Atlin River (impacts of dam and Whitehorse, Yukon energy proposal)

LINK (Via: Spring Creek Film)