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Teton Canyon – A Wild Legacy at Risk 

From The Story Group

Thirty-three years ago, the earthen dam holding back the Teton River near Rexburg, Idaho failed, barely one year after its construction. Now, Idaho is looking at rebuilding this dam, once again drowning a wild river canyon and closing off a vital wildlife corridor. Is it worth the billion dollar price tag or are there better ways to meet Idaho's water needs? This video produced by The Story Group examines the arguments.

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Reader Comments (1)

Of course there's better ways to meet Idaho's water needs. (Wasting less water's not a bad place to start.) Even many of the spud farmers seem to realize this. Unfortunately, the stumbling block here is the mentality of too many Idahoans. "...The ocean don't need more water, it's already full" is a pretty good summation of the prevailing attitudes in this state. Seriously. Anything that's not being utilized for agriculture or resource extraction is simply being wasted. Man, I think the earth just got a little flatter.

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterIdaho Steel

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