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Scientists claim sea lice in farms kill one third of wild salmon 

The scientific study published in Agricultural Sciences by a scientist of Ireland's Marine Institute, which, it has been claimed, justified the salmon fishing industry's stance that a mere 1%-2% of wild salmon deaths are due to sea lice, has been challenged in a key publication.

A recent critique by scientists from Scotland, Canada and Norway and led by Martin Krkosek of the University of Toronto's department of ecology and evolutionary biology, published in the Journal of Fish Diseases, argues that the Marine Institute's work has "fundamental errors".

LINK (via: Herald Scotland)

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife  is now taking comments on a salmon net pen proposal to establish a lower Columbia gill netting area.

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Reader Comments (1)

Well that shouldn't be hard to test against reality.
Remember, Krkosek was the one who proclaimed the extinction of pinks in BC's Broughton Archipelago.
Let's see how that one turned out...

August 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJames

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