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Vine, We Hardly Knew You 

Who needs 15 seconds, when you can do it in 5!

Soon we'll all be subject to a plethora of Sutro rendered Instagram fly fishing videos on our mobile devices and Facebook. Before we even had a chance to talk about Vine, Instagram has joined the fray by launching their version of video functionality. 

Once you’ve updated to the latest version of Instagram, you’ll see a new video icon to the right of the picture icon in the camera screen. Clicking on that will bring up the video interface, at which point you’ll be able to press and hold, recording videos up to 15 seconds long in as many pieces as you’d like — basically Vine plus 9 seconds.

Unlike Vine, Instagram has a set of 13 brand new filters so that Instagram lovers can adorn their videos with the same sorts of effects they’ve had on the image side. Once published, videos will integrate seamlessly into the photo stream, playing only one time once you click on them instead of looping endlessly ala Vine.

LINK (via: PetaPixel)

The good news is you'll be able to shoot and dress up that 5 seconds of Fly Fishing entry on your mobile device.

It's coming, we promise.

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