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The EPA Is Annexing Alaska

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Reader Comments (1)

What a bunch of nut jobs. The comments to that post are especially rich.

One of the things folks (including the nut jobs) often forget is that the big issue is not what happens when the mine is being operated but what happens when the company walks away. At some point Pebble will finish their mining activity and they'll just walk away. What little assets the shell corporation has will be seized by creditors and there's nothing left for the new owners (all of us) as we try to maintain, clean up and restore what has been ruined. And some stuff that's ruined will be irreplaceable.

It strikes me as ironic (or perhaps moronic) that the same folks how proclaim strong laissez-faire attitudes will be paying even more taxes to clean-up someone else's mess. I'm sure the folks of Butte, Montana are grateful for their 2.5 ph swimming pool and I know I enjoy having my taxes go towards its clean-up.

Live free or die, baby!

May 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSteve Z

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