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Vanishing Native

Mike Savlen painted this steelhead piece and then donated one of the limited edition prints for an exhibit and fundraising event hosted by the Wild Steelhead Coalition at the Burke Museum in Seattle.

Here's Mike's description,

Although initially I thought about painting a strong broadside composition of one of the most beautiful, powerful and challenging fish anglers pursue, I decided it simply wouldn’t say anything about their fragile situation. So after going through a lot of compositions and much contemplation I decided instead to take a minimalist approach, focusing on just the impression of this powerful fish fading into the background and unfortunately if left unchecked, oblivion.

There is a limited run of 74 prints available so get yours before they're gone.

The original is also available directly from Mike.

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Reader Comments (1)

Excellent post and choice of image-representative for the wild, wonderful and imagination powering, Steelhead.

MIke's work is rare and bold. Likewise his work and his passion are equally bold. A fitting effervescent into our daily mix of irrational thoughts. Much needed to keep the awareness-of-plight, shared by all willdstock... at least a forefront contemplation, in our far-too-hurried lives.

May we all heed before it's too late.

Thank you Mike Savlen for your powerful strokes and the messages they imbue.

December 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterO'fieldstream

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