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Got the Shell Out!!!!!

Just recieved this wonderful news from Shannon at the Skeena Watershend Conservation Coalition.

This morning, after communities and residents stood united for nearly a decade in defence of the birthplace of our rivers, the BC government, Royal Dutch Shell and the Tahltan Central Council announced there will be no coalbed methane drilling in the Sacred headwaters...EVER!

We are so grateful...we can't even put it into words.  There are tears, high-fives, screams of total elation and big hugs happening as I type this.  The whole crew is here yelling at me all the things they want me to put in here so please accept my apologies as I type this in the midst of chaotic, joyful pandemonium.

It's been nearly a DECADE since we first heard about Shell's plans to drill in the Sacred Headwaters and today we heard that coalbed methane will be banned - FOREVER!!

A big shout out to the TAHLTAN LEADERSHIP who fought for this decision and THE ELDERS who stood on the road and blocked the trucks from getting into the headwaters.  They started all of this and we honour them today as the warriors and guardians of our Sacred Headwaters.

A giant thanks to the DOWNSTREAM COMMUNITIES who stood in solidarity with us.  All the mayors and councils, band councils, regional districts and average joes who might have believed this was never possible but still stood and were counted.

And last - but definitely not least - we are grateful to the BC Government and to Shell.  While we will always hold government and industry accountable, we also believe in giving credit when credit is due.  These guys made a good decision and they deserve recognition for it!

Here is the official press release.

A huge celebration is being planned in Terrace on Januray 9th.

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Reader Comments (1)

YES RIGHT ON THANKS TO ALL who donated their time, their talents, and their Treasure to this worthy cause . CONGRATS...........You did it !!!!


December 18, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterspeyday

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