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Fish Schtick Episode 60 – Stewardship Spectacular

In episode 60 you’ll hear from three leaders in stewardship today.

Zach Porter – All Against the Haul
All Against The Haul is a homegrown effort working to stop the construction of a permanent industrial corridor for oversized loads to the Alberta Tar Sands through iconic wilderness and sensitive fisheries in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Zach Porter joins us as the voice for this important effort.

Brian Bennett – Wild Steelhead Coalition
Brian is more than your tour guide every week on the Fish Schtick and co-Captain of Moldy Chum. More than the Fly Fishing guy for Patagonia. He’s a board member for the Wild Steelhead Coalition and as long as I’ve known him, he’s voiced the concern that the next generation may not know native, wild steelhead. That’s a painful concern.

Leah Elwell – Clean Angling
Clean Angling is an initiative of the Center for Aquatic Nuisance Species – one of the greatest threats to our waters, aside from the chemicals we put in them, aside from the way we change and manipulate them, are the critters that shouldn’t be in them, but which are – and are spreading. Leah Elwell is the Program Director and she’s an expert on Whirling Disease as well as all these other bad things that are making their way through our aquatic ecosystems.

LINK (Via: Mauro Media)

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