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It was an annoyingly stock response that rose as predictably as a trout munching on a feed line of drakes. Whenever I told someone I was moving to Seattle, the question “How are you going to deal with all of that rain?” inevitably followed.  I would assure the concerned individual that having spent the previous year surviving Ireland’s persistent, howling winds and biblical rainstorms that Seattle would be a welcome respite from inclement elements. Lacking octogenarians’ infatuation with weather, I would then quickly redirect the conversation to something more compelling.

Little did I know that my statement would prove far more prophetic than I could have imagined. 2015 has not been a kind year for the PNW and its fish. Gripped with record droughts, rivers have been running dangerously low and warm, and fish have been struggling to survive. It’s been a scary scene, and one that has definitely thrown a wrench into many anglers’ plans. That said, all of those 80 degree bluebird days felt like proper retribution for those that peppered me with questions about Seattle’s dreary climate.

Perhaps it was the arrival of Fall or the launch of FREE THE CHUM, but change is in the air. The last four days have felt eerily familiar with deafening winds whipping through rain-soaked streets. The Emerald City is starting to resemble the Emerald Isle, and I’m not overly excited about it.

Rain doesn’t bother me too much. It’s the wind that gets to me. So the idea of spending my weekend trying to punch poppers through pelting winds in search of a searun trout held little appeal. I had spent much of my time in Ireland doggedly pursuing that endeavor and was not eager to recreate the wanting results. So I chose to forego freedom this week, and share pictures from a previous escape chasing sea trout and sea bass on the coast of Ireland. Despite the harsh conditions and deficient results (i.e. you won’t see any pictures of fish), it was still unequivocally one of the most spectacular fishing experiences of my life.

Though the Chum remained caged this week, liberation is upon us. I’m off to the rolling hills of Kentucky this week in search of bourbon, bonfires, and maybe even a bow or two. Stay tuned!!



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