One thought on “Clairvoyant Fishing

  1. The Palace Pier – or the East Pier, the West having been burned to an iron skeleton some years ago – is still there, but without a Madam Binney (spelling?) and many of the “old boys” who fished it during a time when there were many more fish in the waters of the English Channel that lap beneath it than there are today. Thanks from an English guy who, as a small child on day-trips to and short holidays in Brighton with his folks in the mid 1960s, used to hang a line in hope and wonder off the same pier and catch the occasional tiny flatfish, wrasse, bass or crab. I wonder if Madam Binney was still around when I was there, eight years after that lovely little film was made – I’d have loved to have seen the trapdoor in her “office”. Many thanks.

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