Chumion Breaking News: Secretary Zinke tries to go Paul Maclean on us

Back in December Secretary Zinke came under fire after photos of him were published with an improperly rigged fly rod. Secretary Zinke was so enraged by this attack on his rugged Montanan credentials that he banned the article’s author from the next conference call held by the Department of the Interior. Well apparently his actions didn’t stop there…

The Chumion has learned today, thanks to a leaked letter written by Secretary Zinke, that apparently the Secretary tried to pull a play out of the “A River Runs Through It” playbook by hiring Brad Pitt’s stuntman.

At this time is it unclear whether or not Jason agreed to serve as Secretary Zinke’s stunt double. However, after the leaking of this memo, it is hard to imagine that the Secretary will be spending much time out on the water anytime soon.


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