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Even the Rainbow Trouts Can Live with it

Organic dry cleaning 

On his was to the office, via Sunset Beach L.A., Chum junkie Kevin Green snapped this epic shot.


Miss the XP?

Sage xp 

Love them or not, Cabelas just sent us this press release:

A legend returns

Sage XP fly rods are back - only at Cabela’s

In an exclusive partnership with Sage, Cabela’s is bringing back one of the most popular rod series ever made, the Sage XP, for a limited production run. The XP’s dynamic fast action and superior performance characteristics made it an instant classic with anglers. These models are not previously used or factory overstocks. Each Cabela’s-exclusive Sage XP rod is brand new, straight from Sage’s rod factory on Bainbridge Island, Wash. If you were one of the many anglers who wished they’d bought or added another of these fine fly rods to your collection before sage quit making them, this is your opportunity to own one.

Versatile Graphite IIIe construction produces the exceptional responsiveness you’ll need to make delicate presentations regardless of the model you choose. XP rods are the right choice whenever precision line control is a must. The 8-weight comes with the original anodized-aluminum reel seat and fighting butt.

Sage XP fly rods are light, powerful and responsive – everything a seasoned fly angler looks for in a premium fast-action rod. These rods load quickly, generate tremendous line speeds for longer casts and make it easy to lift line off the water. Five of the most popular sizes will be available.

 Available Models:

490-4 (Length: 9’        Weight: 4        Pieces: 4) 

586-4 (Length: 8’6”    Weight: 5        Pieces: 4) 

590-4 (Length: 9’        Weight: 5        Pieces: 4) 

690-4 (Length: 9’        Weight: 6        Pieces: 4) 

890-4 (Length: 9’        Weight: 8        Pieces: 4)

Sage XP Fly Rods (Cabela’s Exclusive) - $590.00-$600.00


Bug of the month: Lewd Conduct


We discontinued the fly of the month awhile back, but after seeing this fur hunt, we're dusting it off.  The Lewd Conduct merits attention.  We've got several dozen coming our way and need to get them in the hands of the Chum Nation. 

Lewd Conduct (3"): Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout with no frontal lobe

1 (blue/black over purple): $3 bones

6 pack (blue/black over purple): $16 bones

12 pack (blue/black over purple): $30 bones

Pre-order now: include quantity you'd like to order in your email (we'll contact you with ordering info, etc. when we receive the goods). 


Seal Hits Bonanza at Fish Hatchery

Misty Niemeyer, a team member, estimated the enterprising seal had to
waddle nearly 2 miles over land to reach the hatchery, traversing a
stretch of the Sandwich Boardwalk, taking a tunnel that goes under
Route 6A, and then slip-sliding across a mini-golf course before
arriving at seafood nirvana.  LINK  (Via:The Boston Globe)


From Patagonia with "Love"


Christer Sjoberg of Loop Tackle displaying a FRESH Seatrout just caught on the Rio Gallegos.  Christer and his team have made huge strides in making the Rio Gallegos a Catch & Release fisheries and its already paying huge dividends.  You can follow the Loop Army HERE.


Sunday Funnies



Kid trout




                                      Holy Mackerel